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Company organisation

The company follows the rule of excellence to ensure the satisfaction of its customers and business partners.
The development of the company has led to the creation of five departments, which are responsible for the smooth supply to customers and cooperation with business partners:

Marketing of Medicinal Products and Medical Devices

The Marketing Department consists of a team of highly educated and trained professionals with expertise in various therapeutic areas, who provide professional support to our customers in line with the latest guidelines and recommendations. In addition to providing up-to-date information on medicinal products, medical devices and other healthcare products, we also organise trainings and prepare learning materials according to our clients’ needs.

Purchasing, Sales and Procurement

Support services are divided into Purchasing, Sales and Procurement.
The Purchasing Department is responsible for the entire process of purchasing goods from domestic and foreign suppliers. We work closely with our business partners, assisting in the organisation of transport and ensuring the uninterrupted pick-up of goods and their delivery to our warehouse.
The Sales Department is the first point of contact with the customer and is responsible for receiving and processing all orders, complaints and invoices.
The Procurement Department is responsible for the execution of procurement contracts and the preparation of quotes based on daily customer enquiries. The department's responsibilities include detailed knowledge of the legislation, daily monitoring of the publications on the Public Procurement Portal, preparation of the documentation and execution of the entire procurement process, market analysis and management of the sales price lists.

Regulatory and Quality Affairs

The pharmacists responsible for regulatory affairs prepare the documentation for obtaining and maintaining marketing authorisations. We have a system in place to ensure that data on all adverse drug reactions is collected and reported. We ensure the quality of medicines and medical devices in accordance with legislation and good practices. We provide support in all regulatory activities to make medicines available on the market (pricing, market access options). We assist our clients in the market access process and in the preparation of the necessary documentation for the inclusion of medicines in the national health insurance system. We regularly monitor current legislation and price changes so we can react quickly to changes in market prices to remain competitive.


The Logistics Department provides services for the storage and delivery of goods to end-users. Our distribution centre with a modern and fully equipped warehouse meets the highest criteria and standards of good distribution practice (GDP certification) and complies with the applicable legislation. All processes are supported by SAP. Accurate and timely delivery, flexibility and reliability are the key to customer satisfaction.

The warehouse is modern and designed in accordance with the principles of good warehousing practices:

  • Batch control and shelf life of goods
  • Temperature regime
  • Control of medicinal products
  • Computerised processing

Storage and handling are adapted to the requirements of different medicinal products and medical devices, with temperature regimes ranging from 15 to 25 °C, 2 to 8 °C and a minimum of -20 °C. Transport is carried out according to the principles of good distribution practices. Our advantage is that we work with all distributors throughout the country, so that we can meet our customers' needs within a few hours.

We also offer secondary labelling services for medicines, for which we have a valid GMP certificate.


The main benefits of our equipment and machine service are:

  • Spare parts stock
  • Professional competence
  • Many years of experience


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